Smaller than liposome

Maximizing the effect and function by delivering active ingredients to the dermis

Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic

Form spherical structure similar to biomembrane by placing hydrophilic material and hydrophobic material, which hardly penetrate into the skin, into the double oil membran.
Double oil membrane covering active ingredients, OSMOCELL capsule permeates into the dermis

Penetrating tiny intercellular space

The most advanced nano technology to pass microscopic intercellular space.
OSMOCELL is a new technology maximizing the function of active ingredients which safely delivers hydrophilic components and hydrophobic components under the epidermis directly through the cell or corneum intercellular space which consists of double layer.

Fast and effective absorption

Having property of hydrophilic to maximize skin permeation.
Having a hydrophilic round head interacting with water and 2 hydrophobic tails interacting with oil.